Tales of Awakening & Activation

It was the Sixties
A Time of Peace, Love ...  and War

Coming of Age in an Era of Change
By: Anderson Andrews
Discover what it was like growing up in the Sixties when a real Consciousness Revolution was taking place inside of America, that literally changed the world. This is Historical Fiction about a young man who was forced to make a decision, to choose peace ... or war.

Would he hold true to his belief in non-violence ... or would he take his anger into the streets ... as so many of his friends were doing? This book is not only about the turbulent Sixties but is relevant for what many young people are facing in the world we live in today.

Relive the glorious Sixties in this inspiring transformational book.

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New 2019 1st Edition ... 376 Pages ... 6 x 9 Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-944781-39-2 ... contains many photographs
Tags: Historical Fiction   The Sixties    Woodstock
Did you ever wonder what it was like 'coming of age' during the Sixties, faced with the choice of peace or war?
Did you ever want to relive Woodstock,  have a pad in  Haight Ashbury, or protest the war in Vietnam?

Now ... you can experience those crazy years of the 'love generation' and the wonderful legacy they left behind,

as a young man in college, travels between New York City and San Francisco in this fascinating, fast-paced story.

He is forced to make a life-changing decision, either to remain faithful to a cause that once stood for non-violence … or to join his friends ... who wanted to bring 'the war' home by taking violence into the streets.

So many people say, "I wish I'd been born in the Sixties," but most people don’t realize how close our country came
 to having another full-blown armed revolution during that wild, radical, and miraculous time. Although they were 
shunned by many ... it was the hippies who were the real heroes during that critical era of American history!

This is a fictional novel, based on historical events about those brave souls who came together and made something great happen. There was a lot more going on besides drugs, sex, music, bell-bottom pants, and rose-colored glasses. 

What you'll discover ... is that the new 'peace & love movement' wasn’t always so peaceful, or so loving.

Note: This book contains references to the use of drugs, accounts of sexual promiscuity, and refers to acts of violence.
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